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Crisis communication

«A crisis is a productive state. You simply have to get rid of its aftertaste of catastrophe.» – Max Frisch

How we set about

Understanding the starting situation, identifying problems – quickly, unbiased, cool-headed. We’re open, direct and don’t sugar-coat. Developing an effective strategy and determining necessary measures. Dynamic implementation by anticipation based on experience. Recognising and seizing opportunities. Identification with our clients – that’s our passion.

Our services for you

  • From strategy consulting to implementation: comprehensive 24/7-support in acute crisis situations
  • Advising the board of directors, management board, corporate communication and crisis committee
  • Internal communication: information and dialogue
  • Media work: drawing up media releases, speeches, FAQ, presentations, organisation and implementation of press conferences, media training, coaching etc.
  • Communication with clients, partners, trade unions, politicians, suppliers, associations etc.
  • Media monitoring (print, online and social media in real-time) with ad-hoc assessment and recommendations for action
  • Interim management

Examples of crises

Public smear campaigns, accidents, product faults, unlawful business activities, dismissals, criminal acts, poor financial results, high bonuses, insolvency, strikes, political conflicts, fake news and much more

Your contact partners

Franco Gullotti

Franco Gullotti

Owner and Managing Director
Roland Binz

Roland Binz

BGK Partner