Strategic communication

«By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail» – Benjamin Franklin

How we set about

Vision and corporate strategy as starting point. Main objective: the consistent image of a company, its management and products or services. Stringency of the messages to all stakeholder groups by means of consistent storytelling – action-based, harmonised throughout all channels. Comprehensible, understandable, sustainable. Reputation.

Our services for you

  • Shaping and development of strategic communication (from concept to implementation)
  • Development of the corporate story as basis for all internal and external messages (vision, core messages, USPs etc.)
  • Sparring partner and coach for managers (board of directors, management board etc.)
  • External impact analyses (ACTUAL to TARGET)
  • Media training
  • Corporate communication stress test
  • Interim management

Examples of strategic communication

Building up a good reputation after a crisis, positioning of board and management members, differentiation from competitors, strategic reorientation, political positioning, litigation PR, preparation and support of IPOs and much more
Crisis communication

Crisis communication

Effective recipes to survive the maelstrom of the crisis
Change communication

Change communication

Seizing opportunities and changes also means proper risk handling

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