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Crisis communication

Accidents, product defects, dismissals, criminal acts, poor financial results, high bonuses, insolvencies or strikes – crises have many faces and, nevertheless, there is still a common denominator: There is no response time in a crisis, the pressure on companies or individual persons immediately becomes extremely big and persistent. Wrong reactions and communications inevitably lead to corporate crises. There are numerous examples of top managers who had to vacate their seats or companies whose existence has been jeopardised – in many cases, however, this could have been avoided by good crisis communication. Effective crisis communication will get you out of the line of fire quicker and unscathed.

Our services:

  • Comprehensive support in acute crisis situations (strategic, conceptual, content-related)
  • Top management and crisis team consulting
  • Media work (media release drafting, organisation and implementation of press conferences etc.)
  • Press spokesperson function
  • Media hotline
  • Media monitoring